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Residual Waste Management

Since 1988, Elk Environmental has been the preferred partner for waste management. Whether you have hazardous or non-hazardous waste to dispose of, we will handle every step of the project: characterization, profile, transport, and disposal.

Get Expert Help with Residual Waste

Identifying, managing, and disposing of residual waste is a complicated job. Without the right equipment, experience, and knowledge, you can endanger the environment, your team’s health, and leave your company liable for fines and penalties.

Our team has decades of experience characterizing waste, developing a plan to dispose of it, and having our permitted and licensed trucks move it to the right type of facility. Our technical team understands the local, state, and federal regulations governing residual waste and will make sure you stay compliant as we remove it.

Elk Manages All Types of Waste 

Elk works with all types of wastes, including gases, liquids, and solids, in bulk and small quantities. From universal to medical waste, we guide you in determining the most appropriate and cost-effective method to characterize, consolidate, minimize, profile, pack, label, manifest, transport, and dispose of waste in full regulatory compliance.

Types of Waste by Process Generating (40 CFR 261.2)

  1. Spent Material
  2. Sludges 
  3. By-products 
  4. Discarded commercial chemical products off-specification species, container residues, and spill residues thereof.

Types of Waste by Regulatory Status

  1. TSCA / Non-TSCA (i.e., PCB’s)
  2. Hazardous Waste (RCRA Subtitle C)
    1. Characteristic Hazardous Waste
      1. Ignitable
      2. Reactive
      3. Toxic
    2. Listed Hazardous Waste
      1. Specific Sources
      2. Non-Specific Sources
  3. Non-Hazardous Waste (RCRA Subtitle D)
    1. Residual Waste
    2. Municipal Waste
  4. Universal Waste
  5. Waste Oil

Types of Waste by Containers

  1. Drums
  2. Totes
  3. Bulk
  4. Cubic Yard Box
  5. Pail
  6. Roll-off, Vacuum & Sludge Box

Examples of the Types of Waste Elk Disposes

  1. Used Solvents
  2. Cleaning Solutions
  3. Acids
  4. Caustics
  5. Toxic Metals
  6. Contaminated Soils
  7. Plating Solutions
  8. Waste Containing Hazardous Metals

Waste Management Methods Elk Offers

  1. Beneficial Reuse/Reclamation
  2. Recycling & Landfilling
  3. Incineration
  4. Chemical, Physical, and Biological Treatment
  5. Solvent Distillation
  6. Fuel Blending
  7. Stabilization
  8. Wastewater Treatment 
  9. Waste to Energy

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