Soil and Water Remediation
from Environmental Spills

Leaks or spills of contaminants or residual waste needs expert help in removing the source of contamination and the affected soil and groundwater. For the most complex, sensitive, or high-profile remediation projects across the Mid-Atlantic region, Elk Environmental is the first choice for environmental remediation and project managers.  

Your Excavation Partner for Environmental Remediation Projects

Whether you have experienced a spill, leaking tank, or other contamination of nearby soil or groundwater, you’ll want to make sure you stay compliant throughout the cleanup and remediation process to avoid additional fines or violations.

Our team is experienced at all types of soil and water remediation. We’ll work with the environmental consultant to define the scope of the work to remediate, excavate the contaminated soil, and dispose of it properly.

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Get Expert Help with Your Environmental Needs

Reach out to Elk Environmental to discuss your environmental waste remediation, transportation, and disposal needs. Our team will discuss your options, answer any questions, and give you a quote for your project.