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Waste Management

Elk offers a full line of hazardous and non-hazardous waste management services. The knowledgeable professionals on our Waste Management Team are thoroughly trained to handle the complex transportation and disposal regulations that apply to all areas of waste management. We are capable of working with all types of wastes including gases, liquids, and solids in bulk and small quantities. From waste disposal to specialized technological services such as recycling, beneficial reuse, and reclamation, we guide you in determining the most appropriate and cost-effective method to deal with your waste. We also work closely with you to profile, pack, label, manifest, transport, and dispose of waste in full regulatory compliance.

We dispose of: by-products, corrosives, dry bulk, food production waste, household, textile, processing & manufacturing waste, medical waste, and more.

Waste Management Services

• Waste Sampling, Analysis,
Characterization & Classification
• Hazardous Waste Document Preparation
• Hazardous Waste Generator
• Compliance Monitoring
• Waste Process Review
• Hazardous & Non-hazardous Waste Disposal
• Medical Waste Disposal
• Drum & Roll-off Services
• High Vac, Vacuum, & Vactor Services
• Waste Consolidation & Minimization

Tank Management Services

• Residential, Commercial & Industrial
• Site Consultation
• Subsurface Investigation
• Precision Tank & Line Testing
• Tank Removal & Disposal
• Tank Cleaning, Maintenance & Repair
• Liquid Pump-Out / Soil Excavation

Treatment, Disposal & Recycling Options:

• Beneficial Reuse / Reclamation
• Recycling & Landfilling
• Incineration
• Chemical, Physical, & Biological Treatment
• Solvent Distillation
• Fuels Blending
• Stabilization
• Wastewater Treatment

• Elk also offers Parts Cleaning Services
including Industrial Parts Washing