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Waste Disposal & Waste Management: York

About Elk Environmental Services
It’s inevitable: businesses that produce and supply important services also create waste—and that waste should be disposed of in a responsible and economical way for the business. That’s where Elk Environmental Services comes in. Based in Reading, Pennsylvania and founded as a subsidiary of the well-known Empire Group (currently celebrating 60 years in the business), Elk benefits from over half a century of specialized work in Central and Eastern PA. We bring the same dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction to our local and regional jobs alike, and we are proud to call Eastern Pennsylvania our headquarters.
It all starts with our expert staff: chemists, environmental science, and dedicated professionals with over 200 years of industry knowledge between them. Combine that with our centrally located office in Reading, Pennsylvania with our expansive fleet of vehicles and equipment and you have a company that knows how to supply the waste disposal solutions that your company needs.


Elk supplies both hazardous materials and non-hazardous waste analysis, packing, transportation, and disposal. But we believe that each company deserves a custom approach, so that’s why we are a full service environmental company that can do everything from consulting on minimizing or consolidation waste streams to providing sustainable and affordable beneficial reuse, recycling, and incineration solutions.
Our waste disposal and waste management services include:

-Hazardous and Non-hazardous Transportation & Waste Disposal
-Waste Sampling & Analysis
-Waste Characterization & Classification
-Hazardous Waste Determination and/or Document Preparation
-Hazardous Waste Generator Compliance Monitoring
-Construction Debris Disposal
-Drum & Roll-off Rental / Service
-Medical Waste Disposal
-Vacuum Services
-Waste Consolidation & Re-packing
-Waste Minimization
-Waste Process Review & Modification


Disposal Options
Your company’s individual needs will be met with Elk’s array of disposal options. Among our waste disposal methods are: recycling & reclamation, incineration, beneficial reuse, landfilling, and fuels blending. We know how to save you money and emphasize environmentally sustainable solutions.


We adhere to strict federal, state, and local regulations and comply with the health and safety practices set forth by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), and the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA). All Elk field professionals undergo stringent health and safety training and are 40-hour OSHA trained and certified in order to keep you in compliance and limit your liability exposure.


Whether your company requires tank management, hazardous materials transportation, medical waste disposal, or any other type of waste management, Elk is the turnkey solution to your environmental concerns. We are available by email at info@elkenv.com and by phone at 610-372-4760. Elk also specializes in a number of other related fields, including waste management for the Marcellus & Utica Shale industry and a wide variety of compliance training courses. Find out how Elk can help your company today.
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