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Lab Packing

Elk Environmental Services offers comprehensive lab packing and consolidation. We assist companies manage samples, obsolete laboratory chemicals, drums of by-products, formulated products, raw materials, chemical mixtures and waste products that are stored or accumulated. Our lab packing team of highly skilled field chemists collect, identify, categorize, segregate, package, label, transport and dispose of unwanted chemicals and waste products in strict compliance with federal, state and local regulations. Additionally, we prepare and provide all required documentation including inventory records, shipping papers and certifications of disposal or recycling.

Our expert staff currently provide lab packing services to clients in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland.

Lab Packing Services

• On-site Material Inventory
• Sampling
• Identification
• Classification
• Segregation & Compatibility Packaging
• On-site Unknown Material Qualitative Testing
• Reactive Chemical Handling & Stabilization
• Chemical Transfer
• Laboratory Transfer & Moving
• Pack & Ship
• Disposal/Recycling Approval Submittals
• Technical & Professional Document Preparation
• Transportation & Disposal/Recycling to Appropriate Facilities

Materials that require lab packing services include:

• Cleaning Chemicals
• Laboratory Chemicals
• Obsolete Reagents
• Paints and Varnishes
• Product Retains
• Samples

Chemical & Laboratory Transfers

As an extension of our lab packing services, Elk also relocates laboratories, chemical supplies, or entire research facilities. All transfers are completed as quickly and efficiently as possible; in full compliance with federal, state, and local regulations.

Our qualified team of chemists will prepare a detailed inventory record of supplies, chemicals and equipment and carefully segregate, pack and transport everything to the new location.

Specialized Operations

In addition to our customary lab packing services, Elk handles specialized identification of unknown substances. Elk's veteran chemists also assist with identifying hazards as well as working with waste generators on creative strategies to manage and streamline accumulation of recurring waste streams.