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Safety is Top Priority at Elk Environmental Services

Protection of our customers, our employees, and the environment is paramount at all times. No deadline is so important, no emergency so great that we cannot take the time to do our work safely. The policy of Elk Environmental Services is to provide a safe workplace environment for our employees and our clients. It is our intent to go beyond the requirements of OSHA standards. Our objective is to effectively manage the work and worksite risks to anticipate and prevent harmful incidents.

Elk’s aggressive health and safety program combines thorough training and a strict drug and alcohol policy. Continuing education includes health and safety courses, and certification training in compliance with Federal, State and local regulations.

As one of six subsidiary companies within the Empire Group, Elk has a full-time Corporate Safety Officer, Jamie Caron, who performs jobsite safety inspections. Caron has completed extensive training in workplace health and safety and is a certified OSHA Outreach Trainer. He has more than 12 years of experience in lab, field and construction safety issues. Empire also has a State Certified Safety Committee comprised of both management and field personnel.

Elk Safety & Compliance Training

In addition to training our employees, we offer more than 40 safety and compliance training programs to assist other companies meet Federal, State and local requirements, prevent accidents and reduce the risk of fines.

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