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Elk, in conjunction with our affiliated companies, offers a comprehensive line of environmental remediation services. From remediation projects requiring the handling of large quantities of soil and hazardous materials to complete facility decontamination and closure, we are fully equipped and prepared to handle your project.

Our staff of qualified professionals are trained and experienced in identifying the most effective and economical solutions for your remediation needs. We take a comprehensive approach to every project, providing effective project planning, convenient scheduling, and professional on-site performance in order to reduce your liability and minimize disruption.

Remediation Services

• Decontamination of Industrial & Manufacturing Facilities
• Asbestos & Lead Abatement
• Contaminated Soil, Sediment, & Sludge Excavation
• Contaminated Soil, Sediment, & Sludge Treatment
• Soil Solidification
• Buried Drum Removal
• PCB Transformer & Equipment Removal
• Lagoon Rejuvenation & Closure
• Hazardous Materials Handling
• Industrial Process & Pipeline Cleaning & Removal
• Facility Closure
• Site Restoration