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Upcoming 24 HR HAZWOPER Classes

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Do You Require 24-Hour HAZWOPER Training?

1. Do you work with or supervise people who work with hazardous materials?
2. Do you work in IDLH environments?
3. Do you have to respond to emergencies, or are you on a spill team?

If you said "yes" to any of these questions, you require a minimum of 24-hour HAZWOPER Training.* Elk's trainers can speak with you about your specific job requirements and whether this training is right for you.

*Note: 8 hours of additional field experience monitored by a supervisor on your work site is required


We all know how important it is for you and your employees to be properly trained for the job at hand. But it's not always easy to know exactly what training you require.

According to OSHA, the HAZWOPER standard applies to five groups of employers and their employees and specifically includes any employees who are exposed to hazardous substances and who are engaged in several operations including clean-up, treatment, storage and disposal of hazardous waste. In addition, workers involved in an emergency response operation dealing with hazardous waste and workers who have to perform duties at a waste site where hazardous contamination are equally expected to be fully trained and protected.